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EDI Releases Proposal for Statewide System of Support for Survivors

People who have been impacted by the commercial sex trade in Illinois face tremendous barriers to recovery. Many experience a lack of housing, untreated physical conditions, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress. Unfortunately, despite all of Illinois’ legislative victories, our state does not offer the very specialized services that could provide survivors with freedom from exploitation. To address this significant failing, End Demand Illinois has just released a Proposal for a Statewide System of Specialized Services for Survivors of Prostitution and Trafficking.

Download the full proposal here.

A one-page summary of the proposal is also available here.

Within the proposal, there is a graphic that describes how specialized services could help a survivor break free from the cycle of exploitation in the sex trade. View the full graphic here.

EDI interviewed and surveyed survivors and service providers in Illinois and across the nation who were intentionally offering services, support, and outreach to people impacted by our nation’s thriving commercial sex trade. The proposal seeks to share lessons learned from these experts and offer best practices. We hope that this proposal will raise awareness about the effectiveness of, and need for, specialized services.

Toi HutchinsonThe proposal includes an introduction from Illinois Senator Toi Hutchinson (pictured left), who has been a strong advocate for survivors of the sex trade and the End Demand Illinois campaign. 
“If we want to stop the cycle of sexual exploitation in Illinois, we must offer survivors of the sex trade the support and services they need to start over,” said Senator Hutchinson.

Questions? Contact Lynne Johnson, Policy Director for the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, at or (773) 244-2230 ext. 205.


The End Demand Illinois campaign is shifting law enforcement's attention to sex traffickers and people who buy sex, while proposing a network of support for survivors of the sex trade.