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The following research conducted by our campaign partners and other experts can help deepen our understanding about sex trafficking and prostitution.

Proposal: a Statewide System of Specialized Services for Survivors of Prostitution and Trafficking

The arrest and rearrest of prostituted people is a violation of their human rights, and End Demand Illinois instead supports a social service response to prostitution. This 2012 report from the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Explotiation outlines Illinois' need for specialized, trauma-informed services to help survivors of the commercial sex trade. Includes information gathered from service providers and survivors throughout the United States. → read more

Domestic Sex Trafficking of Chicago Women and Girls

A 2008 study from Jody Raphael of DePaul University College of Law and  of Jessica Ashley of Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority explores how young women are recruited into the commercial sex trade in the Chicago metropolitan area.
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From Victims to Victimizers: Interviews with 25 Ex-Pimps in Chicago
In this study from August of 2010, Jody Raphael and Brenda Myers-Powell offer insight into how pimping and trafficking contribute to the sex trade. The interviews of both men and women who turned to pimping reveals the workings of recruitment and control.
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Buying Sex: A Survey of Men in Chicago
On April 23, 2004 staff of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) and 42 volunteers interviewed 159 men in nine popular Chicago bars, on the streets of high volume 'bar-areas' in scattered neighborhoods throughout the city, and at Chicago's Union Station.

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Deconstructing The Demand for Prostitution: Preliminary Insights From Interviews With Chicago Men Who Purchase Sex

 In December of 2006 and June of 2007 the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE), Prostitution Research and Education (PRE), and the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) launched a research initiative in Chicago to investigate the cognitive and behavioral patterns of men who purchase sex.

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Interviews with Five Ex-Pimps in Chicago
In the winter of 2008-9 the DePaul College of Law's Schiller DuCanto & Felck Family Law Center completed in-depth research with five ex-pimps in the Chicago metropolitan area. This research study presents important information about the role pimps and traffickers play in Chicago's sex trade industry.

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The Cook County Commission on Women's Issues

The Commission held hearings to investigate human trafficking in Illinois, and in October 2007, it issued a Public Hearing Report that established a clear overlap between sex trafficking and prostitution.

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The Intersystem Assessment on Prostitution in Chicago (ISA)

A community collaboration led by the Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence, the ISA convened a multi-disciplinary work group comprised of government departments, non-profit organizations and survivors of prostitution in May of 2003. ISA hosted focus groups with individuals who have been involved in Chicago's sex trade to determine which systems they had come in contact with and what their experiences with those systems had been. The work group also gathered information about current response strategies from over 20 different first responders in Chicago. In October 2006, ISA released a report on their key findings and recommendations.

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The Prostitution of Women and Girls in Metropolitan Chicago: A Preliminary Prevalence Report

Recent research indicates that the majority of girls and women involved in prostitution in the U.S. experience persistent and serious violence at the hands of customers, pimps, and club managers.

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Sisters Speak Out: The Lives and Needs of Prostituted Women in Chicago
In July 2000, the Center for Impact Research (CIR) began investigating prostitution in the Chicago metropolitan area. The first phase of this project involved determining the number of women and girls involved in prostitution, and where prostitution occurred.

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Unlocking Options for Women: A Survey of Women in Cook County Jail

Women were asked, "At what point in your life would outside help have been beneficial?" The quantitative data collected from these surveys are enhanced by the many responses to this question. From these collective responses we glean some of the most salient recommendations on how best to assist women detained at Cook County Jail.

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Girls Do What they Have to Do to Survive: Illuminating Methods Used by Girls in the Sex Trade and Street Economy to Fight Back and Heal.
The Young Women's Empowerment Project's research examines the effects of harm reduction, identifies allies in the youth-led movement and discovers how girls respond to other girls in positions of leadership.
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The End Demand Illinois campaign is shifting law enforcement's attention to sex traffickers and people who buy sex, while proposing a network of support for survivors of the sex trade.