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End Demand Illinois has launched a media campaign to raise awareness about the realities of the sex trade. The Ugly Truth campaign was created by The Voices and Faces Project, an EDI campaign partner, to challenge public attitudes about sexual exploitation, prostitution, and sex trafficking. The ads will be appearing throughout Illinois, including Chicago, Rockford and Springfield.

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What is End Demand Illinois’ position on these issues?
We believe that people in prostitution deserve support from the community, and that the best way to end the harms of the sex trade is to address people who buy sex. We advocate for law enforcement to focus their resources on pimps, johns and traffickers, and we have proposed a community-based response for survivors of the sex trade.

What is End Demand Illinois doing?
The End Demand Illinois campaign has passed three laws to strengthen Illinois’ response to prostitution and sex trafficking. Our current initiative is to eliminate felony prostitution in Illinois. Learn more about EDI’s successes here.

Who is on the team that created this campaign?
The Ugly Truth campaign was created through a unique partnership between The Voices and Faces Project and Kinetic Worldwide.

Read 10 facts that shaped the Ugly Truth ads
Discover some of the research that supports the facts in the Ugly Truth campaign.

Members of the media or community who have questions, should please reach out to The Voices and Faces Project, who created this ad campaign:

Group Creative Director Anne K. Ream

Media and Research Director Katie Feifer


The End Demand Illinois campaign is shifting law enforcement's attention to sex traffickers and people who buy sex, while proposing a network of support for survivors of the sex trade.